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Financial Abuse

Around 16% of Australian Women will experience financial abuse. However, 90% of Women who have experienced domestic violence will have also experienced financial abuse.

Financial abuse can happen to anyone. The abuser could be your partner, or a family member, carer or friend.

Financial abuse can include things like controlling your access to money, using your money without your knowledge or consent, making you sign legal documents without you knowing what you are signing or threatening and punishing you about not releasing money.

Financial abuse is a form of family violence.

So where do you seek help if you feel you have experienced financial abuse?

There are many resources available to Women in Australia. The PENDA app on your phone is a good start. This app provides practical financial tips to assist with financial safety planning, information on how to access emergency money, crisis payments and emergency housing. PENDA also features a number of safety measures, including an optional pass code security setting and a lock-screen game accessed by shaking the device or tapping an icon. also has a money conversation kit to help you to discuss your finances with your partner. This document runs through techniques on asking the right questions.

The money smart website also has some great information and tools available.

Wire can be contacted on 1300 134 130

Respect can be contacted on 1800 737 732

Seniors rights can be contacted on 1300 368 821

The national debt helpline can be contacted on 1800 007 007


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