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Sort My Budget and Get Motivated

Access to the Wealth Report

Your own budgeting template

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2 x 1.5 hour appointments

Customised Financial  Education

$395+GST* - “Sort My Budget and Get Motivated” Package


Includes two 1.5 hour appointments (operating hours are 8am to 9pm Monday to Thursday) where we will discuss:

  • Customised Financial Education

  • Assistance with completion of your Budget

  • General advice, education and guidance on Cashflow Management, Capital Gains Tax, Debt, Tax Basics i.e. Negative Gearing, Super, Estate Planning, Insurance and Investments

  • Motivation to work on your personal goals

  • Access to the Wealth Report an online financial projection and reporting tool. This will help you analyse your current and future financial situation


We all try to juggle work, friends, family, social expectations and our finances.


Time passes quickly and before we realise another year has ended and a new one has begun. We manage with what we have and the circumstances we are provided.


Most of us have hope that our financial future will come together. Whether it be retiring early, taking time off when you have children, reducing your work hours, taking a holiday every couple of years or ticking off items on that “bucket list”. Most know we should plan for these events but only few take that initial step.


Taking time to ask yourself the big questions can be daunting and empowering at the same time. We tend to want it all, however, prioritising your goals and needs is a valuable step. Can you afford that renovation, holiday or early retirement?


Planning for life and its ups and downs is the first step.


Our “Sort My Budget and Get Motivated” session will equip you with practical tips, education and strategies on key financial concepts in order for you to gain clarity and confidence with your financial future. You can then take control of your finances instead of it controlling you.


In our first meeting we will discuss your current circumstances and answer any questions you may have. In this meeting you will learn about:

  • on your current superannuation investments, tax on super and contributions

  • tax on investment properties and explain negative gearing

  • Dividends and share investing including the tax benefits and Exchange Traded Funds

  • Cash Flow, Budgeting and setting up your own personalised banking structure


At the end of this session, I will provide you some information flyers for further reading, a login to our Wealth Report and a copy of our budget template for you to complete before our next meeting.


In our second meeting we can discus

  • some of the concepts from our first evening or answer any follow up questions you may have

  • your financial and lifestyle goals for the future

  • your completed budget and how to free up cashflow so it can be allocated towards your stated lifestyle and financial goals


At the end of this session you should have an understanding of your spending habits and how you are going to make your financial goals a reality.


By completing our Wealth Mentoring package, you will gain financial confidence to manage your income and expenses, know your goals and how you need to work towards them. If you need further advice we can assist you to source a Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, General Insurance Specialist, Estate Planning Lawyer, Stockbroker or your Accountant.


Call Kirby today to arrange your personalised “Get Motivated” wealth mentoring package on 0433 378 434 or email 




* $395 + GST package includes travel up to 15kms from Torquay for each appointment. If you wish for Kirby to travel further, a fee of $7.50+GST per km will apply (for any travel over 15kms and will cover travel for both appointments). Kirby has venues in Torquay available for appointments during and after hours if it suits you to travel to Torquay. 


Please Note: these sessions are “General Advice” only. They do not consider your personal circumstances.


You have requested a “wealth mentoring session” with one of our financial planners to discuss your financial situation in a General Nature. This may include running over content from the Women’s Financial Education course or more information on how to set up a budget or banking structure. You may wish for us to look at your investments in your super and provide you with information on where you are invested.


General Advice Warning

Please note, the information (including taxation) discussed in our appointment is general in nature and may not be relevant to your individual circumstances. You should refrain from doing anything in reliance on this information without first obtaining suitable professional personal advice. You should obtain and consider a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making any decision to acquire a product


Tax Agent Warning

Please note that your adviser is not a registered tax agent under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009; and if you intend to rely on the information provided in our meeting to satisfy liabilities or obligations or claim entitlements that arise, or could arise, under a taxation law, you should request advice from a registered tax agent.

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