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My Super

Want to join an ever-evolving circle of financially empowered women?

Learn how to take control of your finances. Come along to our My Super workshop and we will help you understand your Super and the finer details of how they work, how you are invested and how to maximise your super.

Our workshop discusses the key elements of your super funds including:

  • Investments - Asset classes and options

  • What are the fees you should look out for on your super

  • Insurance options inside super 

  • Beneficiaries and how to nominate

  • Tax rates on your super

  • Types of contributions and how to maximise your super savings  

  • Planning for Retirement and Super calculators used by the industry

  • Super consolidation 

​By the end of the workshop you should walk away with a general knowledge and understanding of where your superannuation can be invested and what questions to ask your fund to determine accurate fees and performance. 

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