Surviving Covid-19 Financially

Two Mile Bay Financial Planner and Women’s Financial Education facilitator, Kirby Smith, has offered to share information and resources with you and your respective families on available options and minimising financial stress due to Covid-19.


Kirby, has prepared a five step process to assist members of our community in analysing their financial situation:


Step 1 - How are you effected by Covid-19 Financially

Step 2 - Why and how to review your budget

Step 3 - What Government initiatives might you be eligible for

Step 4 - How to negotiating with your lenders and suppliers and prioritising payments

Step 5 - How to remain calm and be prepared


Kirby also provides some valuable resources and websites that will assist you to increase your financial literacy at this time.


This zoom meeting will be limited to 20 guests in order to allow questions and discussion throughout the presentation.

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